Elleven the Label was born out of the desire to empower women to feel confident in themselves while wearing Her tiny bikini. As women, we so often engage in self-sabotage, self-negativity, and self-doubt; this coupled with society’s pressure to feel, look and act a certain way takes an immense toll. We know - we've been there! Let’s be real, shopping for, trying on, finding, absolutely rocking the perfect bikini is no small feat. The feeling of self-doubt comes creeping in as another brand emerges flaunting the same cut, same model, same fabric that doesn’t work for you. You’ve got hips? Great. Big booty? Perfect. Self described as flat? Wonderful. Tall and athletic? Let’s do this. Petite and curvy? Heck yes. You’ve got a little bit of this, you’ve got that, but you don’t look like HER - GOOD.

Elleven was created with You in mind. Elleven the Label should make you feel like the HER you want to be.  We wanted to take a woman, in arguably one of her most vulnerable states, and make her feel truly beautiful. Elleven the Label was created to celebrate all women and make Her feel amazing, confident, and powerful.

One of the limitations of starting off as a small batch company means that We are only able to make a limited size run to begin with - something we’ve struggled to accept. This first round of swimwear will be to get our brand out there, have it worn through the real world of ocean, lakes, pools, chaise lounges, and gather feedback needed. Elleven the Label will not quit until we’ve achieved the perfect fit - until we have something for everyone.



Elleven the label was created by Audrey Zito, a business woman & entrepreneur, who's soul mission in life is to embody and project self love and women's empowerment. The name Elleven is inspired by a time in her life that was less than satisfactory - everything seemed to be going wrong and the challenges kept coming. Wherever she looked, she found herself with the number 11 in some shape or form. To her, 11 represents a sign to keep going, that everything will work out for the best, to TRUST in yourself. 

 "I remember the first lingerie I purchased that made me feel brimming confidence - even if I was the only one who saw them, it didn’t matter. It was that beam of light, that first notion of self-love, confidence and body positivity that has guided me to start Elleven the Label. At the end of the day, I’m making this line of swimsuits to spread that feeling with every woman I can - a bathing suit with HER and all that she is in mind. Whether Elleven is the catalyst to HER journey of body positivity or she’s been confident in who she is from day one, I want Elleven to be there. Elleven the Label will be HER favorite bikini that she can slip on and run out the door without a second thought, without a shred of doubt, that she is perfect." - Audrey Zito